School Improvement & Capacity Building

Each school year presents new opportunities to create or refine systems for academic support, teacher development, communication, school governance and oversight, among others. Institutional growth requires that the efforts of the whole school community are coordinated around specific, achievable, and relevant goals.

We work with schools to support continuous improvement through capacity building and change management through a systematic process of research, stakeholder input, planning, communication, and skill building. Below are some of the capacities in which we have consistently served our clients. How can we help you take on the future?

Performance Development Systems

Our Performance Development Process supports teacher learning through structured reflection, professional growth planning, classroom observation, student and administrator feedback, and instructional coaching.

We actively engage the whole school community around a process that honors your school's unique culture, history, and context while ensuring best practice implementation—whether you have an existing system or none at all. 

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Strategic Planning Services

Our Strategic Planning Services are built on our founder's 20 years of experience guiding organizational growth and employ a structured process of stakeholder input, plan development, and implementation support. 

Built on the principles and practices of design thinking, our interactive process of crafting or updating your school's strategic plan ensures buy-in, foresees challenges, targets improvement, and supports continuous learning. 

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Cultural Adaptation Coaching

Managing the change of starting a new position at a new school can be challenging enough. The challenges of starting at a new school in a country you've never lived in can compound this stress significantly, no matter how much experience one has in working internationally.

Engaging in Cultural Adaptation Coaching can help teachers and school leaders transition through the honeymoon phase and into a high-functioning life as they settle into any new environment more easily. Our experienced coaches have been there themselves.

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We started in 2011 with a mission to provide global resources to local teachers from our offices in Istanbul, Turkey.

As our work has expanded internationally and our operations grown, we continue leading and learning together as LEARNING ADVANCED.


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