Our Approach to Professional Learning

Great teachers never stop learning. Our professional development programs are all designed to support teachers on that journey so they can focus on what matters most...their students. As experienced teachers, trainers, consultants, and researchers, we use our understanding of what makes professional learning effective as our guiding principles for our curriculum development and workshop design. Every program is built around relevant learning outcomes, combining rigorous, research-based content with hands-on practice and practical tools that support instruction.

Above all, we value the power of community building, so meaningful dialogue and genuine collaboration are core to all of our programs. Whether you take part in one of our modular leadership or certificate programs, or invite us to develop a solution unique to challenges in your school, our workshops center around facilitating professional learning conversations among teachers and school leaders that lead to genuine, sustainable professional growth.

Effective professional learning includes...

  • Pedagogical content focus—subject matter content and an understanding of how students learn that content, as well as the challenges
  • Active learning opportunities—case study or student work analysis, observation and feedback, or presenting to peers, as opposed to passive listening to lectures or demonstrations
  • Coherence—alignment with personal beliefs and professional goals, links to school culture and policies, and consistency with other professional development activities
  • Sufficient duration—contact time of at least 20 hours over the course of a semester
  • Collective participation—groups should include teachers from the same school, subject area, or grade level to build a genuine learning community 

Really effective professional learning also includes...

  • Workshops or summer institutes
  • Outside experts to teach new concepts
  • More than 30 contact hours per semester
  • Structured follow-up activities
  • Flexibility in how participating teachers could implement it within their own particular context

Inspiring professional learning for teachers.

Designed for teachers who are seeking to boost their skills or learn something new, these four mastery certificate programs are each comprised of six research-based modules that cover every aspect of teaching, from designing and delivering curriculum and assessment to managing classrooms and giving feedback that promotes learning.

Inspiring professional learning for teams.

Designed for teams of K-12 administrators and leaders, this exclusive leadership program is designed to facilitate school improvement through improved communication, collaboration, and fostering a school culture that supports student learning in every way.

Inspiring professional learning for schools.

It's as true for teachers as it is students, the most effective learning happens in school and fits within an already tight schedule. We have a number of workshop and seminar programs that we can adjust to fit the needs of a department or your whole school. Or let us create something just for you.

We started in 2011 with a mission to provide global resources to local teachers from our offices in Istanbul, Turkey.

As our work has expanded internationally and our operations grown, we continue leading and learning together as LEARNING ADVANCED.


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