For teachers who want to:

  • Support their own or other teachers’ professional growth by employing strategies for reflection and improvement planning

  • Identify and develop professional expertise in content and pedagogy through reflective analysis

  • Contribute to professional learning communities and foster continuous professional development

Module 1: Becoming a Reflective Professional

Utilize various strategies to reflect on teaching practice, assess the effectiveness of lessons and identify specific actions for improvement, reflect on learning to improve practice, and develop action plans for change and improvement.

Framework Alignment: Danielson 4A, Marzano 3.1, EAQUALS Self Assessment and Teacher Autonomy


Module 2: Professional Growth Planning

Learn to identify professional needs and aspirations; engage in professional networks, conversations, and inquiry; support formal and informal growth planning.

Framework Alignment: Danielson 4E, Marzano 3.2, EAQUALS Exploratory Teaching

Module 3: Building Teaching, Learning & Content Literacy

Explore content knowledge at various cognitive levels, essential prerequisite knowledge and its relationship to the content of the lesson, intra- and interdisciplinary connections, and how to address potential areas of misconception.

Framework Alignment: Danielson 1A, Marzano 1.3, EAQUALS Teaching Methodology

Module 4: Professional Practice & Emotional Intelligence

Identify the conduct that demonstrates professionalism and learn to communicate the importance of professional behavior through the lens of emotional intelligence.

Framework Alignment: Danielson 4F, Marzano 4.3, EAQUALS Professional Conduct

Module 5: Building Community Connections

Discover how to utilize various strategies to interact with, inform, and include parents in the school community; explore various ways to build links throughout the broader community, including professional learning networks.

Framework Alignment: Danielson 4C, Marzano 4.1, EAQUALS Readiness to Adapt Teaching

Module 6: PLC Development in Practice

Understand the importance and structure of a Professional Learning Community (PLC); evaluate participation and encourage contribution to the professional community.

Framework Alignment: Danielson 4D, Marzano 4.1, EAQUALS Collaborative Development

Hybrid Format: 15 Hours Face-to-Face + 15 Hours Online

Join a cohort of teachers in this inspiring foundational program consisting of 15 hours of facilitated workshops and 15 hours of guided reflection and discussion in our online LMS.


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