The mastery certificate programs can be customized to fit the needs of teachers in a single department or from across the school. The six learning modules in each can be scheduled for 3 full-day sessions or 6 half-day sessions, in succession or spread out over a semester. Groups are limited to 25 participants.

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Workshops for Teachers

Classroom Management and Leadership for Learning
Educational research shows that the classroom teacher’s most important job is managing the classroom effectively. This requires more than strategies to control student behavior - it requires the type of leadership that ensures teacher-student relationships are not left to chance or dictated by the personalities of those involved.

This program explores the characteristics of high-quality teacher-student relationships, participants gain insight into specific, real-world teacher behaviors and how effective classroom leadership can be enhanced by the provision of student-led activities driven by challenge, choice and collaboration.
Learning Styles and Differentiation in the Classroom
21st Century Skills and Personalized Learning
Learner Motivation and Engagement
Teaching & Learning Creativity
Assessment-For-Learning and Effective Feedback
Active Learning and Communication Skills in the Classroom

We know just how precious time is, so our professional development programs are designed to help teachers exchange meaningful ideas, practice new skills, and learn new instructional strategies so they can focus on what matters most . . . learning.

Each of these programs can be a half-day or full-day workshop and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of K-12 schools or universities. If you are interested in shorter (60-90 minute) interactive workshops and seminars, please click here for a list of topics that can be integrated in a conference or delivered as a standalone session.

Click on each of the program titles for detailed descriptions. To learn more or schedule a session at your school, please contact us.

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